How Much Does the Average Colorado Home Cost in Tim Tebow Jerseys & Pot?

The folks at Estately have a different way of looking at the world.

Take the site's latest list, which calculates how much it would cost to purchase an average-priced home in each state using both dollars and items/products/stuff appropriate for each place.

In Colorado, for example, the price is also calculated in both pounds of weed and Tim Tebow jerseys.

At first blush, the Tebow reference might seem a bit dated — but after seeing how many people signed a petition calling for The Chosen One to return as quarterback for the Denver Broncos, it may be more timely than most of us would like to admit.

Below, check out a photo-illustrated list of Colorado and seventeen other states with the most expensive average home price — they're all over $200,000 — and bizarre alternate ways to pay. To check out the original post, featuring all fifty states, click here.

Number 1. HAWAII

$504,500 = 59,000 pounds of poi.


$454,500 = Four full-time lobbyists.


$371,400 = Private Nickelback concert.


$329,900 = 1,319 vowels on Wheel of Fortune.

Number 5. NEW JERSEY

$319,900 = 3.321 velour tracksuits.

Number 6. MARYLAND

$287,500 = A year's worth of fines for the Baltimore Ravens and Coach Jim Harbaugh if they all verbally abused a referee.

Number 7. NEW YORK

$283,700 = 1,602 orchestra level seats for a Friday night performance of Hamilton.


$274,500 = 2,196 Edible Arrangements.


$257,200 = How much it would cost to book Macklemore to play your garage sale.

Continue to keep counting down the most expensive average home price per state  — including Colorado — and bizarre alternate ways to pay.

Number 10. ALASKA

$246,300 = 88 truckloads of chainsaw-carved bears.

Number 11. VIRGINIA

$243,500 = 46,380 packs of cigarettes.


$241,500 = The cost of purchasing Hangover Island in Florida.

Number 13. COLORADO

$239,400 = 5,700 Tebow jerseys or 62 pounds of weed.


$237,400 = 346 season tickets for the New Hampshire Fisher Cats.

Number 15. OREGON

$234,100 = 33 full-beard implants for hipsters.

Number 16. DELAWARE

$232,900 = A bus trip for 606 people from Wilmington, Delaware, to Colorado Springs, plus tickets to the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame.

Number 17. VERMONT

$216,200 = 8,006 average donations of $27 to Bernie Sanders.

Number 18. UTAH

$212,500 = A 2009 Lamborghini Gallardo.

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