How Often Coloradans Smoke Pot, Sniff Cocaine and More According to the Feds

More than 12 percent of Coloradans use illegal drugs every month. That's among the Colorado-specific findings of a report from the National Surveys on Drug Use and Health. The stats are drawn from 2011 and 2012, which may make them a little behind the curve: As the Washington Post points out, the figures show that Rhode Island is the top state for marijuana use, with Colorado placing sixth. But the data still provides a fascinating glimpse into our use of and attitudes about marijuana, cocaine and more. Check out the photo-illustrated results below.

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Past Month Illicit Drug Use 12+ (Coloradans age twelve and above): 12.24 percent

12-17 (Coloradans age twelve through seventeen): 13.17 percent

18-25 (Coloradans age eighteen through 25): 29.75 percent

26+ (Coloradans age 26 or older): 9.18 percent

18+ (Coloradans age eighteen or older): 12.15 percent

Past Year Marijuana Use 12+: 16.22 percent

12-17:17.64 percent

18-25: 39.39 percent

26+:12.14 percent

18+:16.08 percent

Continue for more statistics about Coloradans' use of and attitudes toward marijuana, cocaine and more.
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