How's Denver's hopeful doing in The Bachelorette fantasy game?

We've already introduced you to Denver's Mark Huebner, the self-described pizza entrepreneur who's competing for Jillian Harris' affection on the current season of The Bachelorette. So... how's he doing? Judging by FaFaRAZZI, a website that features games related to TV shows, celebrities and so on, he's hanging in there.

FaFaRAZZI's Bachelorette contest allows fans to pick a dream team of their three favorite contestants and then track their success, or lack thereof, using a point system. For instance, hooking up with Jillian earns three points, getting drunk nets two, and having anyone say a participant is there for the "wrong reasons" (whatever the hell that means) means a point is substracted. And during last night's episode, Mark scored very well, in a manner of speaking. His page on the site credits him with seven points: one for avoiding elimination, and three each for "Making Out with Jillian" and engaging in a "Verbal Fight/Physical Fight." Keep up the good work, Mark! But make sure you're on the show for the right reasons...

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