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HuffPo idiot: Colorado is fifth most overrated travel destination, Denver is "weirdly bland"

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30. Ft. Collins Cough is better than any homegrown marijuana strain your state has come up with.

29. It took multiple law enforcement agencies and thousands of dollars, but we eventually brought Balloon Boy to safety.

28. 300 days of sunshine beats hurricane season any day of the fucking week.

27. Nobody beats Vail. Nobody.

26. Mountain goats: The best species.

25. NORAD + Santa = awesome.

24. We eat plains and shit mountains.

23. Our welcome sign is clearly the most badass. Take that, Gawker!

22. 58 14ers. And if you don't know what that means we're not telling you.

21. We're, like, pretty good at this beer thing.

20. We told humidity to fuck off. And it listened.

19. Almost all of us drive a Subaru, which is clearly less lame than a mini-van, yet sensible and rugged, bitches.

18. The cinematic masterpiece "Ladybugs," starring Melanie Asmar's junior high crush Jonathan Brandis, was filmed here.

17. The Telluride Shroomfest. We might not be the "best state," but we're totally content with our current state of stateness... and... whoa, look at that cloud.

16. If you're writing a horror story, Colorado should probably be in there. Just ask Stephen King.

15. We start national fashion trends sometimes! (Let's just pretend Crocs wasn't the last one).

14. We arrested Charlie Sheen.

13. We turned Quizno's into a national chain. Look, you're on your own from there, Quizno's.

12. What if Boulder was, like, just an atom in another, way bigger Boulder?

11. According to judges at the Medical Cannabis Cup put on by High Times earlier this year, Colorado has the best medical pot in the world -- and, as we all know from seeing Half Baked, medical-grade pot is better than regular pot. We have the best of the best pot. If you have a MMJ card, of course.

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