Hugging how-to for Josh McDaniels and Brandon Marshall

One of the most unlikely debates to arise following the Broncos win over the Dallas Cowboys this past Sunday involved the hugs between baller Brandon Marshall and coach Josh McDaniels -- the first immediately after Marshall's astonishing touchdown catch, the second in a post-game press conference. On their Mile High Sports Radio program, co-hosts Joel Klatt and Nate Kreckman suggested that the second bro-hug in particular simply took too long -- a claim countered by a caller, who argued that the embrace was intended as an ironic acknowledgment of how strange it was for these two antagonists to be clutching each other in special ways.

An ironic hug? More likely, these guys just don't know the rules for socially acceptable man hugging. So sit down and watch this video, guys -- and if another opportunity to rub against each other pops up this weekend, you'll be ready.

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