Huston Street: Twitter users think he really got hit in the nuts

Prior to yesterday's game, Colorado Rockies closer Huston Street was nailed by a line drive during batting practice. But nailed where?

Mainstream outlets like Channel 4 have settled on the right side of his lower abdomen. But Twitter nation thinks he actually took a shot in the family jewels.

Here are just some of the tweets sent out last night after Street collapsed:

Huston Street passed out several times from being hit in the "right pelvic area"? I'm guessing "right pelvic area" is code for "right nut".less than a minute ago via Brizzly

Huston Street story just a hoax? #hustonstreet than a minute ago via API

@keithlaw So Huston Street was hit "in the pelvic area." Did he grab his head?<<carlcrawford_ has no comment.less than a minute ago via web

And the report is that Huston Street is "day-to-day" with "holy fuck ow that must have hurt" or what they're calling an abdominal contusion.less than a minute ago via web

Memo to Huston Street: it's "keep your EYE on the ball," not "keep your BALLS on the ball." #mlb #fuckingouchless than a minute ago via web

That's adding insult to injury.

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