I Came, I Thaw

These 50-degree days aren't just melting snowbanks. They're going to make a new traffic jam disappear, too.

The city has yet to decide on the final design of the new Justice Center, but work has already begun on that project, necessitating the closure of 14th Avenue east of Speer so that the city can install a new sanitation and storm system for the facility. The start of that work -- one big hole -- suddenly created an unexpected knot in northbound Speer this past weekend, slowing traffic to a crawl through a one-lane bottleneck. Some drivers reported taking a half-hour to go through two blocks; others missed theater curtains.

A temporary fix on the hole didn't work, and the city had to wait until the temperature hit 50 before it could put on an asphalt-hot patch. With any luck, that will be done by this weekend, and traffic on Speer will pick up.

In the meantime, go with the flow. -- Patricia Calhoun

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