Ibashi-i to be deported? Petition and Facebook campaign to save Boulder street performer

Anyone who's visited Boulder's Pearl Street Mall over the past decade or two will recognize Ibashi-i, aka Milton Brown, a contortionist whose regular performances feature him twisting, splitting and squeezing into a twenty-inch box. That someone can making a living by tying himself in knots is just one of the many things that make America great.

Now, however, America may have to do without Ibashi-i. Tomorrow morning, according to the Boulder Daily Camera, this native of the Caribbean is scheduled for a removal hearing that could end with his deportation, owing largely to a couple of beefs involving (you'll be shocked by this) marijuana.

Plenty of Ibashi-i fans are justifiably upset by this prospect. An online petition drive supporting him has already collected 1,160 signatures at this writing, and a "Keep Ibashi-i From Being Deported!!" Facebook group has more than 3,600 friends.

There's no guarantee the court will listen to such pleas, but that's not stopping Ibashi-i lovers from making their voices heard. Check out Ibashi-i in action via the Daily Camera video below:

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