Immigrant border deaths as important as rancher Rob Krentz's murder, protester says

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Here's the Rojas clip, taken using a cell phone:

And here's Univision coverage of the Hernández incident:

No telling what the focus of the next GEO protest will be. As Piper points out, "each vigil is planned by a different group. And we have a pretty diverse community of people who come out."

Still, Piper feels that the vigils have had an impact.

"We want to keep up community pressure, so they don't fill the extension to the facility," she says. "They've finished an 1,100-bed extension, but they haven't signed a contract for that space. I don't think our actions are the sole reason why there isn't a contract yet, but I think we're a piece of it."

She adds that "whether we're talking about the detention of immigrants in the interior or border patrol and National Guard troops on the border, it's our belief that the increased militarization actually makes the border less safe. We're only bolstering the business of human smuggling and drug trafficking, and making it impossible for people crossing just to work to do so in a safe way, because there's no legal channel for them to do so. This is their only option."

Look below to see more photos of the vigil:

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