INDenver Times renegades plan Rocky Mountain Independent

Today's update about INDenver Times noted that many of the principals in the project, including former Rocky Mountain News business writer David Milstead, had struck off on their own on April 23 after INDT signed up only 3,000 subscribers (its goal was 50,000). In a conversation at that time, Milstead revealed that he and folks such as INDT managing editor Steve Foster were interested in creating an online news product of their own -- and today, they've taken their first public step in that direction, announcing the planned launch of the Rocky Mountain Independent, which they describe as a "daily online news magazine" that will "offer analysis, commentary and discussion about local news, sports, politics, business, and culture in Denver and the Rocky Mountain region."

With luck, I'll have a chance to speak with someone involved in the project soon. In the meantime, click "Continue" to read RMI's announcement.

Rocky Mountain Independent press release:


Online news magazine to launch this summer

Denver, CO - May 14, 2009 - A group of writers and editors from the former Rocky Mountain News today announced their plans to launch a daily online news magazine. The general interest publication will be called the Rocky Mountain Independent (RMI) and is expected to debut this summer. The magazine will offer analysis, commentary and discussion about local news, sports, politics, business, and culture in Denver and the Rocky Mountain region.

Content will be provided by a team of professional reporters and editors, paid contributors, and independently owned partner blogs that will participate through content and revenue-sharing agreements.

A majority interest in the magazine is owned by RMI's founding journalists including Steve Foster, Cindy House, David Milstead, John B. Moore, and other reporters and editors from the Rocky Mountain News. Operations will be supported by memberships and advertising revenue. Members will have access to premium content and features including live discussions with RMI's reporters and contributors and in-depth coverage of topical issues and events.

"RMI will bring an independent voice to journalism and the Denver community. Our goal is to partner with the people of Denver and serve as the hub of an ongoing conversation between those who cover the news and those who read it," said co-founder Steve Foster. "This is a group of seasoned journalists who have been working together since the Rocky Mountain News closed its doors in February. We believe that good, independent journalism is one of the strengths of any democracy. We also believe in our community and in creating a place where readers can engage with reporters and be an organic part of creating the product. Our commitment to these core principles and our vision for a vibrant local news source is strong enough that some of us -- those who are able to do so -- will back RMI with our own money."

One of the blogs that will partner with RMI is IWantMyRocky.com, a Web site created last December to rally support for the Rocky Mountain News before the newspaper closed on Feb. 27, 2009. IWantMyRocky.com will relaunch on Wednesday, May 20, under the leadership of Kim Humphreys, a copy editor at the Rocky who helped organize the original Web site. IWantMyRocky will offer news and commentary on the ongoing changes in the newspaper and online media industries. The site will also help readers locate staff members from the Rocky and communicate with them.

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