Is 16th at Welton Denver's most robber-friendly corner this year?

Last week, the Denver Police Department warned the public "to be vigilant and report suspicious activity while in the downtown area," reporting that there have been fifteen robberies or assaults in the past few months, often involving more than one person.

Three of those fifteen happened at the same location: the corner of Welton Street and the 16th Street Mall.

The attacks, which were occurring almost weekly in the late summer and fall, don't appear to be racially motivated, the police said. Six of them have taken place on the 16th Street Mall, while an additional five were on Market Street. One of them involved a group of ten to fifteen teenagers who jumped four men on the mall. Police believe some of the assaults may have been filmed by bystanders, and they're seeking those recordings and any other information they can get.

Below is a map of where the incidents occurred (including the three robberies in two months at 16th and Welton) and photos shot at night this week of the areas.

16th Street at Welton Street: The location of three robberies in the span of two months. In each incident between three and five suspects were involved. 2249 15th Street and nearby 1500 Little Raven Street were the scenes of two robberies: on August 15 and a little more than a month later, on September 19, respectively. Glenarm Street at the 16th Street mall was the scene of an eight-on-two aggravated assault at 10 p.m., Wednesday, August 17, 2011.

The Denver Police map of these incidents, plus more photos, can be found on Page 2

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