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Reader: This Guy Just Wants to Put a "Native" Sticker on His Jeep

Reader: This Guy Just Wants to Put a "Native" Sticker on His Jeep
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Says Carlton: someone who moved to Denver from San Francisco, I had to laugh at Patrick bemoaning transplants affecting local culture... and then he's moving to San Francisco! Where people have been bitching about this very issue non-stop for the past twenty years! Probably more than in any other city in the U.S.!

I think Patrick will see that people who move to Colorado do it much more for the lifestyle and they do participate in events, the festivals, the culinary/beer scene, the outdoor activities — much more so than in SF, where you have to have a trust fund or work like crazy in tech/finance to afford to live there!

This weekend, as I watched tens of thousands of runners in the Colfax Marathon, I was amazed at the number of people wearing Colorado/Buffaloes/Denver gear. I'm sure there were plenty of Cubs hats, too. But really... people love living here, even the transplants like me. Try finding that local pride at the Biofreeze Marathon in San Francisco!

Good luck to Patrick in San Francisco: I hope he finds some folks who aren't "basic" out there! Certainly they won't be making a basic income or basic net worth, if they want to live in a basic apartment :)
Asks Ahren:
 As a soon-to-be Bay Area-to-Denver transplant, can you provide me with tips on how to appropriately assimilate to your culture? I really enjoyed your article and empathize with your concern with all these "basic" people moving to the city you love. I found myself cringing at some items on your list of types of people who have been moving to Denver. Obviously, moving to a new city we bring with us our own culture and way of doing things, I feel like it's when people assume their new city should accommodate their expectations and are unwilling to adapt to local culture that we get into trouble. I've spent time trying to learn as much as I can about Denver news and culture ahead of moving, and promise to do my best to not be an obnoxious a-hole who drives like an idiot in the snow and pretends to know everything about your town.
And finally, there's this from Elizabeth, "California transplant, former Nob Hill apartment dweller, current East Denver homeowner looking for the soul of this town":
Man, thanks for this op-ed. I've been in Denver since 2011, moved from SF myself, in fact, and I can't say I didn't laugh at every word Mims wrote. I laughed a lot, in fact. Out loud.

I never thought Denver was lame, per se, but compared to SF, yeah, it had something lacking. But I was never really able to fully articulate what it was about Denver. I applaud Mims for putting it to words. Denver is cool in its own right, but because of how laidback Denverites are, there's no enforcement of the culture, no standards to uphold. Can you even imagine a native San Franciscan — hell, a transplant, even — not immediately correcting some well-meaning gumby newcomer who deigns to call The City "Frisco"? Unimaginable. And yet, here in Denver, we have that nonsense served up 24/7 from ignorant, bland newcomers who think they're the first to have discovered skiing, fourteeners, weed or Red Rocks. I find it amusing, but also sad. Denver needs a serious injection of personality. Too bad folks like Mims, who might be the Change We Need, have up and moved to the Bay Area, where you can find some actual native, home-grown civic culture and people who are passionate enough about the whole deal to uphold it. Even if it means that while upholding SF culture you have to play hopscotch with syringes while strolling along Polk Street or dodge an army of homeless people shitting on the streets right next to the Mayor's office.

Thanks for this, Mr. Mims. Now, GTFO of the Bay Area and come back here and help Make Denver Great Again. 
Mims appreciates the irony of the fact that he's now a transplant in San Francisco. "I will now be part of the problem, and San Franciscans can bitch about me," he admitted.

Just as he bitched about transplants with this: "The culture of Denver and Colorado, in general, is welcoming and carefree. We value a person's right to independence. We were the first state to legalize recreational weed, but we also have some of the loosest gun laws in the country. We're also one of the few states where you can legally ride your motorcycle without a helmet. We don't like people telling us what to do, and in turn, we respectfully refrain from telling others what to do. This incredible principle is our demise, as we let transplants do whatever the fuck they want."

What did you think of Patrick Mims's piece? (You can read "Damn, but Denver Is Getting Lame" here.) Share your own response in a comment, or email [email protected]
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