Is Sam Adams a Jay Cutler stalker?

The folks behind In Denver Times have been looking for ways to get more attention for their ambitious web project, as noted in yesterday's blog Q&A with Kevin Preblud, an Entrepreneur Backing In Denver Times. But an item by the Nashville Scene, a sister paper of Westword, probably isn't what they had in mind. "New Low in Jay Cutler Saga: Denver Sports Writer Becomes Nashville's Creepiest Tourist" targets the Times' Sam Adams, who traveled to Nashville in search of Sweet Baby Jay, who's spent time in Tennessee between intermittent demands to be traded (and may or may not have spoken to coach Josh McDaniels from there just last night!) Problem is, Adams didn't have a clue about Cutler's location, and he wasn't able to scare up any leads. "It's hard to know what's worse," writes the Scene's Caleb Hannan. "Stalking a professional athlete. Or getting paid to stalk a professional athlete and doing a really bad job."

Clearly, Hannan didn't key into Adams' tone, which aims for comedy. To find out if you get the joke, read "The Search for Jay Cutler" here.

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