Ask a Mexican

It's not racist to hate lazy people, just easy

Dear Mexican: Why is it that those of us who oppose illegal immigration are called racist by many Mexicans? Personally, I think Hispanic people are beautiful and a diverse people who contribute tremendously to our culture (and are spicy hot, as well!). At the same time, I opepose illegals who wander across the border as if they just won the lottery, with no regard for our laws or culture, not knowing a single word of English. While I agree it should be much easier to obtain legal citizenship here, there also needs to be some standards for who gets it. If we literally let everyone in, not having to do anything to achieve it, we will be breeding a population of people who expect things handed to them and are happier only being better off than they were instead of striving to be the best. While one person may think that having a family of ten in a two-bedroom apartment here is a huge step up from the shack they had in Mexico, I certainly wouldn't want to live next to them! I don't understand how all of that makes me racist. I feel the same way about people of my own race — or any other race — who are lazy and dirty. It is not a matter of race; it is an issue of integrity, sacrifice and patriotism. If they are trying to convince those of us who oppose them to rethink our views, calling us racist is not going to do it. Learn some English and stop screaming "Viva Mexico!" on the land my ancestors died defending, and we can talk eye to eye; otherwise, go back to the land you love so.

Bourbon Bobby

Dear Gabacho: Gracias for giving me a break by answering your own question!

Dear Mexican: A Mexican-born colleague of ours recently became incensed about a staff party invitation that called for invitees to bring margaritas or margarita mix at our Mexican-themed potluck. He said that Mexicans drink tequila instead of margaritas, and Mexicans don't eat chips, either. He was also upset about the adjective "Mexican" used with a lowercase "m." Were we accurate, or is he being overly sensitive?

Clueless in California

Dear Gabacho: Tell the wab to shut up. So maybe Mexicans don't consume margaritas and tortilla chips as much as, say, pan dulce and huitlacoche — who cares? Both gabacho faves have their roots with Mexican entrepreneurs who took authentically Mexican products to create an Americanized hybrid. He should celebrate these feats instead of whining like Loud Dobbs. I'll only fault your staff for using the lowercase on "Mexican"; stylebooks require uppercase letters at the beginning of nationalities or movements even when adjectivized (Americanized, or Know Nothing-esque) and lowercase for races or peoples (gabachos, negritos and pendejos).

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Gustavo Arellano
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