It's quiet on the potential grocery store strike or lockout front

The latest contract extension between King Soopers and workers represented by the United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local #7 expired at midnight on May 30. But as of this writing, at least, nothing much has happened. It's been clear for weeks that neither management nor labor really want a strike -- and the main sticking point in regard to another contract extension involves its length; the union would like ten more weeks to talk, while King Soopers prefers a June 15 date. Hence, the two sides haven't responded to the latest deadline's passage to posture or make dramatic announcements. Instead, each continues its subtle campaign to win shoppers' hearts and minds. Example: At UFCW's AlwaysHereForColorado site, there's an online petition of support for grocery workers hosted by ProgressNow Colorado. Also included: the commercial seen above, in which assorted grocery employees make their pitch. They'd clearly like to stay on the job -- and given today's economy, who can blame them?

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