Jace Larson's blog begins the benign

The web offers TV reporters tremendous opportunities for self-promotion -- but because they're supposed to be objective, most of them steer clear of voicing their opinions on stories they've covered or expressing strongly held views that might suggest a bias about certain topics.

So -- what to blog and/or Twitter about? In the case of Jace Larson, a journalist who's been working for Channel 9 since October 2007, not a whole heckuva lot. A July 31 item on his personal blog, JaceLarsonTV.blogspot.com, which is linked on his report about the arrest of a St. Anthony Central Hospital nurse yesterday, provided background about a story about the FBI he reported, complete with this fascinating little nugget: "After safely making it back to Denver, I stopped by Posh Salon for a haircut. We have a promo shoot next Tuesday and I was instructed to cut my hair." A few days later, in a post headlined "Lots of News Today!," he shared snapshots from the aforementioned publicity session, declaring at one point, "Man, I have to wear a lot of makeup." As for his Twitter feed, it's down at this writing -- but a Google cache of his comments includes bon mots like "Watching the stars... in a sweatshirt and I am still cold. fire, maybe?" and "Just met the nurse accused of stealing medications from patients & lying on her license application. She was pleasant."

So is pretty much everything else on Larson's Internet trail, where the rule appears to be, "Safety first."

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.