Jack-FM websites down: Change right around the corner?

As shown in this graphic, the slogan of Jack-FM is "Playing what we want." But today there are indications that the outlets, at 102.3 FM and 105.5 FM, will be playing what somebody else wants very soon.

In mid-February, we confirmed that the Jacks had been sold by Tim Brown's NRC Broadcasting to Moreland Properties, owned by car salesman and TV pitchman Dealin' Doug Moreland. Brown, son-in-law of gazillionaire Phil Anschutz, wouldn't comment at the time, and since then, the outlets have continued to play regular Jack programming on a robotic basis. But at present, both and are down, with the usual content replaced with parked domain pages declaring that the sites are "under construction."

And what are they building? Only Dealin' Doug knows for sure.

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