Jairon Katz and Scott Kida: Update on cops' inappropriate-conduct investigations

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Original post, 10:23 a.m. March 20: Investigations have been launched into the activities of two Denver police officers, Jairon Katz and Scott Kida, reportedly for inappropriate conduct on duty. In Katz's case, he's alleged to have had sex in his patrol car. Kida, for his part, is accused of dubious texts to a domestic-violence victim.

The accusations are surprising given that Katz was ballyhooed as a hero for an incident several years ago, while Kida is the subject of a laudatory post on an emergency services website. Photos, a video and additional details below.

Back in 2007, Katz tried to save a young man who was swept away by rising water near the intersection of Yale and Quebec, in an area known as Gold Smith Gulch -- and in the midst of his rescue effort, he was nearly sucked under. As noted by 9News, he was saved by other emergency personnel on the scene.

Risking his life was nothing new to Katz. The station noted that he joined the Denver Police Department in 2004 after three years with the Wheat Ridge Fire Department.

His actions at Gold Smith Gulch stand in contrast to the accusations against him reported by 7News. Sources tell the station he's alleged to have had sex in his patrol car while on duty.

Lieutenant Matt Murray, a spokesman for the DPD, wouldn't confirm this accusation, but did note that Katz is on administrative leave. We have a call in to Murry and will update this post when and if he gets back to us.

More information about Katz is available on a social-media site called Law Officer Connect. Included are a couple photos of Katz boxing, including this one....

...and, presumably, this one: In the personal-information section of the post, Katz notes that he's married, and he completes a prompt that begins "I Love Being in Law Enforcement Because" with "Loosing love for the job." It's unclear is this is a typo that obscures his actual point, or if he's actually less enamored of law enforcement than he once was.

And Kida?

Continue for more about Officer Scott Kida, including photos and a video.

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