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James Franco could host the Oscars with one arm -- and so could Boulder's Aron Ralston

It was just a few short weeks ago that Boulder's Aron Ralston introduced 127 Hours -- the story of his self-amputation -- for the Big Night showcase of the Starz Denver Film Festival. And while James Franco's performance as Ralston caused one man to pass out, the rest of the crowd left the Ellie Caulkins Opera House talking about the actor's odds of getting an invite to this year's Academy Awards. Not that anyone thought he'd be chosen to host...

Yep, Franco and actress Anne Hathaway will emcee the festivities in what Entertainment Weekly accurately sees as an effort to court younger viewers. And since Franco is a lock to receive a Best Actor nomination for 127 Hours, his Oscar gig will attract more attention to a movie that's well worth seeing but a long way from being a box-office blockbuster.

Expect Ralston to earn more spotlight time, too -- and judging by his smooth, witty intro at the film fest earlier this month, he'll make the most of it. Hell, why not ditch Hathaway (whose Oscar-baiting performance in Love and Other Drugs may not be rewarded thanks to the flick's cinematic schizophrenia) and let Franco and Ralston team up? After all, three hands are better than one.

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