Jared Polis and Me

"I love the things you say. I love the way you are a part of my life every day."

Every day, I think about Jared Polis, one of three Democratic candidates for Congress in the second district. I think about him not because of the myriad political missives that his campaign sends out via TV, radio and the web, but because of the e-mails I get, allegedly from his previous enterprise, bluemountain.com.

Except that these are signed: "BlueMontain e-Cards is more safety for you."

I know that in 1999, Polis sold the greeting-card company started by his parents back in the '70s, which had specialized in treacly verses printed on touchy-feely cards and posters, but Polis pushed onto the Internet. I know that his family netted hundreds of millions with that sale, which meant Jared Polis had plenty of money he could pour into numerous ventures detailed here in a story by Michael Roberts, including his race for Congress.

But it also means that I can't blame Polis for the most common scam currently hitting my in-box -- those notes from Blue Mountain trying to lure me in with the promise that "Someone thought about you."

Someone who wants me to ignore the typos and click that box so that I -- and all my computer files -- can become an even bigger part of his life. -- Patricia Calhoun

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