Jarett Branson, Fort Collins Cop, Accused of Using Police Resources for Stalking

Denver's police department isn't the only one in the area to be besmirched with criminal allegations against officers. Jarett Branson has now been fired from the Fort Collins force in the wake of claims that he used police resources to stalk a woman with whom he had no prior relationship. Photos, a video and details below.

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Branson has only been working for the Fort Collins Police Department since January 6. Prior to that, he was employed as a police officer in Butte, Montana, and a 2011 article in the Montana Standard newspaper noted that he and another officer received the "Officer of the Year Award from the Safe Space Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Program." No such kudos were forthcoming on September 9. That's the day a woman told the FCPD about what a release deems "inappropriate behavior" of a "serious nature" against Branson.

Specifically, she said Branson had contacted her multiple times while he was on duty, both when she was at work and at home -- information he allegedly learned using police resources.

What was Branson's relationship with the woman? "There wasn't one," a police spokesman told the Fort Collins Coloradoan -- although he was apparently trying to get something started.

At that point, Branson was placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of a criminal investigation -- and the latter didn't take long. The Larimer County District Attorney's Office has now accused him of stalking, first-degree criminal trespassing and official misconduct.

Once the charges came down, Branson was dismissed from his job and booked into the Larimer County Detention Center. Here's a 7News report about the developments.

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