Can this get any more childish?
Can this get any more childish?

Jay Cutler and Josh McDaniels have been talking -- and that's not good news

Yesterday's blog "The Jay Cutler Silent Treatment: More Than a Month and Counting?" noted that actual evidence of human speech traveling back and forth between Broncos quarterback Cutler and newly minted head coach Josh McDaniels has been scarce since January. Hours later, however, new reports suggested that communication has indeed been going on, with some of it qualifying as positive. According to the Denver Post's Mike Klis, for example, the pair spent time together at the team's headquarters in February going over the New England Patriots' offensive system.

Too bad their rapport seems to have withered and died since then.

Last night, former Denver Post scribe Bill Williamson, who now writes for, revealed that Cutler had participated in a conference call with Broncos brass, including McDaniels, on Monday -- but the QB hung up feeling pissed, apparently because McDaniels would neither confirm nor deny that he'd initiated trade talks with the intent of swapping Cutler for ex-Pat Matt Cassel. Such caginess is straight out of Bill Belichick's School of Management (by way of the Nixon administration), but it didn't sit well with JC, who's now uncertain whether he'll bother showing up for off-season conditioning that starts next Monday.

Former Bronco Mark Schlereth, speaking on ESPN about the situation, says that if Cutler needs to hug it out and/or be nurtured and "loved on" in order to feel secure, he may not be the franchise quarterback he's been advertised to be. That kind of talk sent ESPN Radio's Mike Greenberg into paroxysms of joy again this morning at the thought that Cutler could wind up as a member of the New York Jets -- speculation that would have seemed too absurd to take seriously only a week ago. But given the absurdity of the situation as a whole, that's no longer the case.


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