Jealousy rears its ugly head at Top Model's Nicole

Nicole Fox, the pride of Louisville, continued her seemingly unstoppable march toward the cycle thirteen title on America's Next Top Model last night -- and at this point, she's clearly gotten into the heads of her remaining competitors. The episode contained plenty of moments when Jennifer, Erin, Laura and Sundai moaned and groaned about the perfection of this frizzy haired modeling machine.

The first challenge introduced a new element to the season: porn (or at least something pretty close to it). Marisa Miller, a past Victoria's Secret angel, showed the fab five how to pose in a bikini on a Hawaiian beach without going "over the top" -- and then had the ladies role around in the sand and gyrate under a makeshift shower. No mimed masturbation, though: That would have been "over the top"! Next, the contestants struck a pose while jumping off a rock outcropping, and of course, Nicole won -- a victory that earned her some pricey jewelry and extra shots in an underwater photo session. The rest of the models-to-be received additional exposures, too -- all except Erin, who spent most of the show in an epic pout. Still, the littlest Albino managed to survive a judging panel that gave Sundai the ouster. As for the best photo prize, it was given to Jennifer for a fairly unspectacular photo. Nicole took second, supposedly due to the fact that she didn't point her toe like Barbie -- but mainly because the producers want to maintain the illusion of competitiveness even though she's looking more like the inevitable champ with each passing edition.

Next week: two contestants are bid farewell. Bye-bye, Erin and Laura.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.