Jeffrey Campos, ex-head of Denver's Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, gets our nod for shmuck

The documents have been sealed, and neither the defendant nor the alleged victim are talking, but Jeffrey Campos, the now-former head of Denver's Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, certainly hasn't done his organization any favors. Campos was arrested July 14 and charged Thursday with assault in a case that involved some sort of incident with real estate broker Jennifer Reins, a Chamber member.

But no other details have been released, aside from the fact that police first charged Campos, 55, with kidnapping as well and were tagging the case as domestic violence, according to news reports.

On Friday, Campos resigned -- a good move considering the fact that the Chamber's big fundraiser, Sabor, is being held tonight at the Botanic Gardens. That's going to be a little awkward, even if former mayoral candidate and apparent temporary-employee extraordinaire James Mejia has taken over, temporarily, as Chamber leader.

Tickets to that event -- which includes food tastings from forty Denver restaurants, along with wines and Bud Light -- are $100 and $250 for VIPs.

Campos is no longer one of those VIPs, though. He's now a shmuck.

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