Jesse Evans busted for possessing child pornography -- and making it

As we all know, possessing child pornography is a serious crime. But actually making videos that fall into this vile category takes the offense to an even higher level.

A variety of federal and local agencies are currently teaching this lesson to one Jesse Evans.

According to the U.S. Attorney's Office, working in cooperation with the FBI and the Denver Police Department, Evans, a thirty-year-old Denverite, first came under scrutiny in January, when an undercover DPD detective downloaded a child-porn file using peer-to-peer software.

The IP address of the computer in question pointed to Evans's residence, and in February, after a search warrant was executed, investigators came upon a laptop featuring the disturbing material in question. But that's not all. Detectives also learned that, in the U.S. Attorney's chillingly bland phrase, Evans had "access to three prepubescent minors."

And it appears he put them before the camera and had them do the sort of things that the most deeply perverse like to watch.

After forensic analysis, authorities determined that Evans himself had produced sexually explicit images and videos of two prepubescent children -- part of a collection of sickness that included 67 images and sixteen video files bookmarked on one laptop and approximately 167 images and one more video file on a second one.

That was more than enough to justify a criminal complaint leading to Evans's arrest in late June.

The charges? Three production-of-child-pornography counts, which carry a potential penalty of not less than fifteen years, but not more than thirty years, in federal prison plus a possible $250,000 fine. In addition, he faces a possession of child pornography accusation (that one could register ten years in prison and another quarter-million-dollar fine) and distribution of child pornography (not less than five years in prison or more than twenty, and yet another 250 grand).

Evans will have plenty of opportunities to ponder the size of these stretches. Last week, a judge ordered him held without bond until the conclusion of his case. Look below to see a larger version of his booking photo.

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