Jesus Holguin Accused of Taking Kidnapped Denver Teen to Phoenix, Raping Her

What the hell's going on with teen kidnappings that cross state lines and have Colorado connections? Last month, there was the case of Jillian Burgos, a fourteen-year-old from Maryland who was found in Colorado with alleged kidnapper Timothy Wind. Now, a sixteen-year-old has been rescued in Phoenix after police say Jesus Holguin kidnapped her from Colorado and then sexually assaulted her multiple times. Photos, a video and details below.

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CBS5 in Phoenix has arguably the most thorough account of what happened. According to the station, the sixteen-year-old, who hasn't been identified but is said to be from Denver, went to a party at which Holguin was also an attendee. He reportedly has a criminal record marked by a previous aggravated assault beef.

During the bash, the teen is said to have consumed alcohol and drugs, then passed out -- and when she woke up, she was in a car driven by Holguin. The Arizona Republic notes that Holguin's mother and another man were on board as well.

Their destination: an apartment complex near 35th Avenue and Glendale in Phoenix. There, Holguin is accused of sexually assaulting the teen three times over a three day period.

At some point after that, CBS5 reveals, the teen managed to slip out of the apartment while other occupants were sleeping and got the attention of a complex resident. The woman, who identified herself to the station only as Andrea, said the teen was clad in undergarments at the time.

When Andrea asked the teen if she needed help, the girl responded by handing over her cell phone. The man on the other end of the connection "was dean of her high school," Andrea told CBS5. He said "the young girl that gave you her cell phone right now has been kidnapped from Denver, Colorado."

From there, Andrea took the teen to a nearby pharmacy and contacted the cops. Afterward, the teen was examined by medical professionals who found evidence "consistent with sexual assault."

Police say the teen has a history of running away -- but they clearly believe splitting wasn't her idea this time. Holguin is being held without bond on suspicion of charges that include kidnapping and sexual abuse.

Here's a larger look at Holguin's booking photo, followed by the aforementioned CBS5 piece.

CBS46 News

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