John Hickenlooper welcomes Arizona's illegal immigrants: Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario

Mayor and (nearly) Governor John Hickenlooper says, "Welcome Illegal Immigrants!"

What benefits will they receive? Look below to find out:

"Arizona's undocumented alien exiles are invited to take advantage of our Mile-High generosity..."

"Denver leads the nation in birth tourism! We have just opened the Anchor Baby Pavilion at the Denver Health Medical Center. Each private suite comes equipped with an obstetrics staff, a gourmet chef and a lawyer, who will prepare all birthright citizenry and guardian sponsorship documents."

"Americans are no longer procreating in the numbers needed to fund future Social Security and Medicaid obligations. We need workers and shoppers to sustain our economy! To better help working immigrants, Denver's half-empty public school system will provide free day care to the kids of employed illegal aliens, with pre-school, after-school, free lunch and daily Pledge of Allegiance to La Raza programs."

"Most native-born Americans move to Denver for the city's famed quality of life, which means they are more concerned about the weekend than working. That's why Denver is rapidly losing its homegrown corporations. Now we have many skyscrapers that need to be re-named for the businesses started by immigrants who have the American dream of success."
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Kenny Be
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