John Hickenlooper's police scandal looking better compared to former cop Dan Maes's

What candidate would a mayor with a simmering police scandal in his city not want to face in a gubernatorial race?

A candidate with a background in law enforcement -- unless, of course, that background is looking pretty murky. Lucky John Hickenlooper, meet Dan Maes.

So far, Republican candidate Maes -- whose website cites his experience as a police officer in Kansas 25 years ago -- has not criticized the Denver Police Department in his campaigning. And a good story in the Denver Post today shows why: Maes's claims of working undercover for the Kansas Bureau of Investigation (which have now been taken off the site) don't hold up.

Contacted by the Post about the discrepancies in the account, Maes copped a plea: "Whoever typed it, typed it. That's all I've got to say."

Since Maes doesn't seem capable of policing his own website for the truth, don't expect him to make any political hay off Hickenlooper's handing of the DPD.


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