John McAfee still a fugitive despite new blog, Joe Rogan and Alex Jones appearances

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McAfee was in Belize when Moss interviewed him a few months back. During the conversation, he described "observational yoga" like so:
You can pay $200 a month to sit in an easy chair and watch people do yoga up on a stage. There is a scientific basis for this, that through osmosis, as you watch others be active, the observation of something impacts yourself. If you watch someone move in a certain way, you start to mimic that later in the day. A good example is if you watch a scary movie, you become scared. You are not being attacked, but somehow you feel the fear.
A strange rap -- but not nearly as odd as the behavior documented in "Secrets, Schemes, and Lots of Guns: Inside John McAfee's Heart of Darkness" by Jeff Wise, published last week by Gizmodo. In the article, Wise, an acquaintance of McAfee's for a number of years, writes about an April raid on the entrepreneur's compound during which he was briefly taken into custody along with a seventeen-year-old Belize girl. Inside, according to Wise, "the cops found $20,000 in cash, a lab stocked with chemistry equipment, and a small armory's worth of firearms: seven pump-action shotguns, one single-action shotgun, two 9-mm. pistols, 270 shotgun cartridges, 30 9-mm. pistol rounds, and twenty .38 rounds" -- all of it legal.

Why was such an arsenal necessary? McAfee told Wise about numerous plots on his life from local gangsters -- presumably the reason he took to walking around his sprawling grounds wearing a pistol in his holster.

Did he use it? No confirmation of that yet, but in a new article, "Exclusive: John McAfee Wanted for Murder," Wise maintains that McAfee appears to have fled his exotic home as a result of a homicide accusation. Here's the text of a police report shared by Wise:


On Sunday the 11th November, 2012 at 8:00am acting upon information received, San Pedro Police visited 5 ¾ miles North of San Pedro Town where they saw 52 year old U.S National Mr. GREGORY VIANT FAULL, of the said address, lying face up in a pool of blood with an apparent gunshot wound on the upper rear part of his head apparently dead. Initial investigation revealed that on the said date at 7:20am LUARA TUN, 39 years, Belizean Housekeeper of Boca Del Rio Area, San Pedro Town went to the house of Mr. Faull to do her daily chores when she saw him laying inside of the hall motionless, Faull was last seen alive around 10:00 pm on 10.11.12 and he lived alone. No signs of forced entry was seen, A (1) laptop computer brand and serial number unknown and (1) I-Phone was discovered missing. The body was found in the hall of the upper flat of the house. A single luger brand 9 mm expended shells was found at the first stairs leading up to the upper flat of the building. The body of Faull was taken to KHMH Morgue where it awaits a Post Mortem Examination. Police have not established a motive so far but are following several leads.

After noting the erratic behavior documented in his first article, Wise shares additional revelations related to McAfee's alleged quest to "purify psychoactive drugs from compounds commercially available over the Internet." Wise quotes an online post attributed to McAfee that reads: "I'm a huge fan of MDPV. I think it's the finest drug ever conceived, not just for the indescribable hypersexuality, but also for the smooth euphoria and mild comedown."

MDPV, by the way, is part of a drug class known as cathinones and is derived from the East African plant known as khat. It's illegal in the U.S. but legal in Belize, Wise points out.

At this writing, McAfee remains at large. However, Reuters reports that no arrest warrant has been issued for him thus far. Marco Vidal, head of the Belize police Gang Suppression Unit, tells the news agency that he is "a person of interest at this time.... It goes a bit beyond that, not just being a neighbor."

Miguel Segura, the assistant commissioner of police says that McAfee is not a suspect at this time, but he adds, "Our job ... is to get all the evidence beyond reasonable doubt that Mr A is the one that killed Mr B."

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