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Johna Turner suspected of animal cruelty for shoving chihuahua puppy down her pants

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Animal cruelty commonly includes vicious behavior like the kicking and stomping allegedly suffered by a puppy named Tater, for which Boulder's Edward McMorris was charged yesterday. But Johna Turner is suspected of animal cruelty of a very different kind. Police say she shoved a chihuahua-mix puppy about the size of the one seen here down her pants.

The bizarre tale is told in a police report on view below. According to the document's narrative, Longmont Police officers were dispatched to an apartment at 1013 Main Street to investigate what's described as a "verbal domestic" between two residents -- an unnamed man and Turner.

The building's manager is said to have wanted Turner removed "as she was intoxicated."

It didn't take long for the officer to determine that a crime had not been committed -- and Turner was told she could leave with her daughter. However, Turner didn't want to go without her chihuahuas -- a female reportedly named Hita and her three puppies, born just a few days earlier, on August 31.

The unnamed man said the chihuahuas were actually his, but he didn't object too strenuously to her taking them, the report says. Nonetheless, the officers recommended that Turner come back to get them after she sobered up.

Shortly thereafter, another unnamed person arrived to help Turner pack up her belongings. But as she was carrying some of her stuff to this individual's vehicle, one of the cops was told she'd stuffed a puppy down her pants.

The officer then confronted Turner and told her to remove the puppy -- but rather than reaching into her drawers and handing over the pooch, she shook her leg and the little guy "fell out the bottom of her right pant leg."

Let me give you a minute to consider this image....

At that point, the officer told Turner to pick up the puppy before she accidentally stepped on it, which she's have said to have done after a sigh. Then, the report continues, she placed the puppy in the pal of her right hand and threw it onto the seat of a nearby stroller. The other two puppies were discovered to be in the stroller, too.

After witnessing this display. the cop ordered Turner to step outside -- and she asked if she would be arrested.

Answer: yes -- on suspicion of cruelty to animals.

Continue for Turner's mugshot and additional information.

By the way, the puppies are fine. They and their mom, described by the Longmont Times-Call as a chihuahua-beagle mix, were left in the night drop-box at the Longmont Humane Society, presumably by the man in the not-quite domestic dispute. Staffers discovered them yesterday morning, and a Humane Society representative tells the Times-Call the puppies will be available for adoption once they're old enough.

Let's hope they experience better luck at their next home than they appear to have had thus far. Here's a look at Turner's mug shot, followed by the aforementioned arrest report.

Johna Turner Arrest Report

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