Jonathan Petty ID'd as victim in Aurora homicide on East Ohio Avenue (13)

Update, July 16: The victim of the June 25 shooting on East Ohio Avenue that's described below has been identified as Jonathan Petty, 23. Petty's name doesn't appear to have been reported before now; at least it doesn't pop up in a Google search in regard to anything other than obituaries. The lack of attention his death, and those of five others killed in Aurora since Memorial Day weekend, speaks volumes about how the media looks at death in this Colorado city.

By the way, Officer Frank Fania, spokesman for the Aurora Police Department, says no one has been arrested for the crime, and no new information has surfaced. As such, it remains unsolved...and so do the other Aurora murders since May 28.

Here's our previous coverage of this case.

Original item, 10:08 June 26: As Denverites worry about increasing gang violence in the wake of Denver Police officer Celena Hollis's murder, Aurora is in the midst of a veritable homicide spree, with at least four slayings since Memorial Day weekend -- and none of them has generated an arrest thus far. The latest involves the killing of one man and apparently related wounding of another on or near East Ohio Avenue.

According to the Aurora Police Department, officers received a shots-fired call at about 10:30 last night for the 18000 block of East Ohio -- a street just off East Alameda Parkway that snakes through an enormous apartment complex, as can be seen in the graphic below.

The cops soon found a running but unoccupied vehicle in the middle of the parking lot, with a man suffering from a gunshot wound a few yards away. He was transported to a local hospital but didn't survive his wounds.

That's not quite the end of the story, or the bloodshed. A second call from the area reached dispatch shortly thereafter, this one concerning a second man who'd shown up on the resident's front porch also suffering from the damage a bullet can do. He wound up at a nearby hospital, too; the APD lists his current condition as unknown.

At this point, APD investigators appear to see the shootings as connected. A spokesperson identifies "multiple crime scenes involved with evidence recovered in different locations around the area," but doesn't offer any more specifics.

The latest killing follows a May 28 homicide near East Alameda and Ironton Street in which a man later identified as Shawn Hicks was found mortally wounded in a car, and parking lot gunplay at the duRozz Lounge that killed Harris Donkor the same day. Then, on June 19, Ernesto Rodriguez-Rodriguez was slain near the Aurora's Abrigo Apartments. His body was found in a parking lot as well.

Last night's homicide adds to a very grim total: four Aurora murders in about four weeks.

The latest victim has not yet been ID'd. Anyone with information about the case is encouraged to phone major crime unit Detective Chuck Mehl at 303-739-6213 or Crime Stoppers at 720-913-STOP (7867). In the meantime, here's an interactive graphic of the area near the last night's crime scene. If you have problems seeing the image, click "View Larger Map."

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