"JonBenét Murder Solved!" headline on page one of Globe just 9 years after it's on Star cover

The JonBenét Ramsey case is back thanks to conflicting reports about the Boulder Police talking to Burke Ramsey, JonBenét's brother, followed by Boulder cops' confirmation that Burke is being targeted for a new interview. All of which explains the current cover of the Globe, and the feeling of déjà vu it produces.

The edition, currently on display in supermarkets nationwide, screams, "JonBenét Murder Solved!" The supposed revelation, though, is more than a bit underwhelming.

The break is described in a discussion on Forums for Justice, a website where many of those either fascinated or obsessed by the case congregate. Commenter Tricia provides this synopsis:

Here is what it says about our wonderful posters: "An eagle-eyed poster named 'koldkase' on the Ramsey case Internet discussion group,, looked at an old photo of the basement crime scene and spotted what appears to be a small blond doll in a red and white outfit, with its arm extended...

"Another poster named 'Cherokee' pointed out the Boulder police search warrant lists everything collected by crime scene techs after the body was removed but significantly one entry is blacked out."

It's an interesting article but here is the weird thing; it doesn't show the picture of the doll. LOL..

Something else the article lacks -- any proof of its front-page assertion. Basically, the piece suggests that koldkase's new theory could provide new avenues for investigation, not that the inquiry's already borne fruit. And that's typical for a story that will mark its fourteenth anniversary in December.

This point is made in "Lazy, Greedy, Fat, and Un-Hip," written for Slate by Keeping Tabs columnist Jennifer Mendelsohn in response to a previous "JonBenét Murder Solved!" tabloid headline -- this one appearing on page one of the Star. Mendelsohn wrote:

"Solved" is a term the tabs see as open to interpretation, and nothing about this story seems any more conclusive than anything else the tabs have reported about JonBenet in the last five years. The big news this time -- a source calls it the "final piece of the puzzle" -- is that "special high-tech tests" were supposedly carried out on JonBenet's bedsheets, confirming the fact that she wet her bed the night she died. These results, the Star claims in a world exclusive, "directly contradict" Patsy Ramsey's prior insistence that the sheets were dry and lend credence (well, enough credence to satisfy the Star) to the theory that JonBenet was killed in a fit of rage over her bedwetting. "This is the smoking gun," says a "source close to the investigation." "It's stunning evidence -- and it puts the focus directly on Patsy, which is where it should have been all along." Fair enough, but "solved"? Keeping Tabs suggests the Star just file this piece of information along with the 9,564 other "smoking guns" and "final pieces" of the JonBenet puzzle they've offered over the years.

The publication date of Mendelsohn's analysis? December 6, 2001, nearly nine years ago.

It's about time this perplexing murder was finally solved -- again.

More on the JonBenét Ramsey case from the Patricia Calhoun's Wake-Up Call archive: "Boulder: As memories of JonBenét Ramsey fade, the town is happy at last."

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