Jose Guadalupe Luna, deputy, gets DUI bust -- and bloody mug shot

Anyone would feel uncomfortable posing for a mug shot after a DUI and reckless driving arrest -- particularly one that showed off a battered nose and a blood-stained undershirt.

But presumably, the discomfort is even higher for Jose Guadalupe Luna.

After all, he's an Adams County Deputy.

Get the details on the case and see a larger version of his booking photo below.

Matt Barnes, public information officer for the Thornton Police Department, lays out the basics.

"Witnesses observed Mr. Luna traveling southbound on Lafayette," Barnes says. "He attempted to make a left-hand turn onto eastbound 120th Avenue -- but there is no left turn available there."

As a result, Barnes continues, "he headed onto the median and struck two small landscaping trees -- and he got high-centered on the last tree he struck. That's where police found his vehicle when they arrived on scene."

Luna was there, too, and Barnes says he was very cooperative, albeit not an especially pretty sight. Barnes doesn't know for certain that he smacked the steering wheel with his face when crashing into the median and tree, transforming his nose into a gusher, but he does confirm "he sustained the injury during the accident."

Personnel who checked Luna's medical condition determined that he didn't require transport to an area hospital. However, he had another condition that concerned the Thornton PD, having to do with how much booze was in his system. Barnes can't reveal what blood alcohol content Luna registered, but he was arrested on suspicion of careless driving, driving under the influence and DUI per se -- the latter meaning that his score exceeded the .08 BAC that stands as Colorado's legal limit.

DUI busts of law enforcers aren't entirely unknown. In a December post, we wrote about two Boulder police officers arrested for the offense, including Elizabeth Ward, assigned to DUI enforcement. But cops in Thornton certainly don't see such incidents on a regular basis. "In my experience," Barnes says, "it's a rare occurrence."

That's reassuring. Look below to see a larger version of Luna's pic.

More from our Colorado Crimes archive: "Elizabeth Ward, DUI officer, one of two Boulder cops busted for drunk driving in a month."

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