Josh McDaniels and Jay Cutler: Can this bromance be saved?

"Not sure I actually wanted to revisit high school, but thanks to the Broncos, we don't have much choice," writes Dave Krieger at the top of his Denver Post column this morning, and truer words were never typed. During interviews yesterday, Broncos coach Josh McDaniels came across like a typical jerky boyfriend as he offered praise for his onetime paramour -- in this case, QB Jay Cutler -- between comments that felt mighty passive-aggressive. Cases in point: He generally referred to Cutler as "the player" rather than by name, and said, "I hope he doesn't need his ego massaged" when a little rub-a-dub might be the only way to fix this ludicrous problem. But just when all hope seemed lost, McDaniels revealed that he planned to speak with Cutler on the phone last night -- a development that instantly turned every Broncos fan into the equivalent of a fifteen-year-old girl whose best friend is over the moon for the big man on campus. We can't wait to find out what happened.

Fortunately, I have a couple of fifteen-year-old girls at my house to consult with on matters like this one; they're my twin daughters. And last night, one of them, Ellie, gave me a different perspective on the situation. The prospect of a trade with the Cleveland Browns came up, and she didn't think it would be the worst thing in the world if Cutler headed to the Mistake By the Lake if we got Brady Quinn in return. After all, she said, Cutler's not exactly a looker, but Quinn is bangin'! And since the Broncos are expected to suck in 2009 due to their incredibly difficult schedule, they might as well look good doing it.

Only problem with that scenario? If McDaniels and Quinn hook up, we may never get them off the phone.

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