Josh McDaniels as St. Louis Rams offensive coach: He'll do great if you don't promote him!

At the end of Laurence Maroney's post-arrest TV interview in St. Louis yesterday, the Denver running back bust was asked about disastrous ex-head coach Josh McDaniels being hired as offensive coordinator for the St. Louis Rams. Maroney predicted McD would do a great job, and he probably will, since O-coordinator is the right job for him. And as of now, head coach definitely is not.

Even McDaniels's biggest detractors -- and we take a backseat to no one in that regard -- never questioned his skills regarding offensive X's and O's. That he was able to transform Kyle Orton from a journeyman QB to a big-numbers passer in the span of a season was undeniably impressive. And McDaniels should be able to do the same with the Rams' promising young signal caller, Sam Bradford.

McDaniels has proven to be far less adept when it comes to choosing players, with Maroney being a prime example, as well as constructing a credible defense. And since his duties won't include the D, everything should be fine, so long as he doesn't ask any of his assistants to secretly record opponents' practice sessions. Presumably, he's learned his lesson about that -- although the same could have been said after the video scandal in New England, too.

Of course, if McDaniels turns the Rams' offense into a juggernaut, he'll likely become a head coaching candidate again. So a warning to general managers who might consider giving him a second chance: Before doing so, read this. And this. And this.

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