Josh McDaniels's growing pains -- and a man crush on Tim Tebow?

Join us as we point you toward three worthy Denver posts not from the Denver Post.

In a fan blog on Mile High Report, atwaterassassin27 provides what he calls a reality check on the Josh McDaniels era, writing, "If McDaniels chose Tebow to get himself job security... then shame on him. If he chose him out of some sense of ego or his man crush on the guy then its inexcusable." He ends with a dream about Jon Gruden taking over the coaching job next year...

At Lakewood Edge, Charley Able recaps the placement of a bridge that closed 6th Avenue for far less time than anticipated. Nice job, guys.

5280's Jennie Dorris describes three ways her eco-wedding is saving her money. Isn't environmentalism romantic?

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