Karl Pierson's online image and more fallout from Arapahoe High shooting

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Update, 7:48 p.m. December 13: 7News is among the many news outlets identifying the gunman in the Arapahoe High School shootings earlier today as Karl Pierson, seen here. He's said to have targeted the school librarian, Tracy Murphy, who had been his coach on the school's debate team -- and who'd kicked him off the squad.

Among the photos of Pierson that still come up on Google search are numerous ones from the Arapahoe High website. A click shows they've been deleted from that location, but we tracked down a couple.

Here's one of the images:

And here's another: The lingering pages that included Pierson photos feature the aforementioned debate team, and a sentence fragment in one lists Pierson as having finished first in a competition.

There's also a photo of Pierson on a story by the Littleton Gazette. In that image, he's identified as a member of the Arapahoe cross-country team.

Another 7News piece states that Pierson was wearing tactical gear when he entered the school, according to custodian Fabian Llerenas.

In addition, Arapahoe County Sheriff Grayson Robinson has been able to confirm evidence of two Molotov cocktails at the school. One went off inside while the other one was subsequently rendered safe.

Additionally, authorities have cordoned off a home in Highlands Ranch -- presumably Pierson's -- as part of their investigation into today's shooting. Look below to see the 7News video on that development. It's followed by our previous coverage.

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