Karlyn Tilley to leave Channel 4 for communications-manager gig in Golden

Just how many government-PR jobs are there? Plenty, apparently -- but a plum one's just been taken by Karlyn Tilley, who's reported in Denver since 2001, first for Channel 7 and during the past several years at Channel 4. According to a staff memo penned by Channel 4 news director Tim Wieland, Tilley's "jumped the wall" in order to become the new communications manager for the City of Golden. Given the number of layoffs at media outlets of late, Tilley's biggest problem may be finding reporters to communicate with.

Read Wieland's memo after the jump.

Karlyn Tilley has decided to "jump the wall." She's leaving the news business to accept the position of Communications Manager for the City of Golden. So, there's no doubt we'll still be working with Karlyn in her new role on "the other side."

Karlyn joined CBS4 nearly five years ago and made an immediate impression as a reporter who is a pleasure to work with, a terrific storyteller, and a dynamic live reporter. Most recently, Karlyn's Puppy Mill investigation resulted in several compelling stories - exposing a business that is often discussed but rarely seen. We'll miss her positive attitude and strong reporting skills.

Karlyn's last day in the newsroom will be Friday, August 28th. Please wish her the best in her new adventure!

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.