Reader: Buck Is Just Standing Up to Liberal Bullies

Reader: Buck Is Just Standing Up to Liberal Bullies
Ken Buck's Twitter

Just days after the Colorado Republican Party urged that Denver City Councilwoman Candi CdeBaca leave office because she'd retweeted — enthusiastically — a message from a woman who said if she had the coronavirus, she'd go to every MAGA rally she could, U.S. Representative Ken Buck was on Twitter with a video suggesting that Beto and Biden try to take the AR-15 in his congressional office. Buck just happens to be head of the Colorado Republican Party.

Last year during a presidential debate, O'Rourke, whom presidential candidate Biden just tapped as a possible gun control advisor, said, “Hell, yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47."

Since the gun is unloaded and inoperable, Buck has referred to it in the past as a "paperweight." Even so, Buck's invitation, issued via a video on Twitter, led to tweets chastising him for making an apparent threat to the two politicians that his staff refers to as the "gun-grabbing duo." And readers of our report responded quickly, too.

Says Erin: 

Might be a useless paperweight, but that sounds like a threat to the former Vice President to me. How are there no consequences for this?

Responds Faith: 

Because there are no consequences as long as you’re a Republican. You just say, “It was a joke! Why are you libtards such delicate snowflakes, believing the words that come out of our mouths?”

Explains Richard:

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 They said they would come and take them. That is a threat. He just responded with try it. He is standing up to the liberal bullies.

Notes Mike:

 So this is okay, but what Candi CdeBaca does causes them to lose their minds. It's almost like the problem they have with her isn't about a Tweet...

Comments Natasha: 

Showing just how much of an absolute wimp he is. And why gun laws are needed. He clearly doesn't have the mental maturity for one.

Notes Mike: 

Oh, for fuck sake! I've been hearing, "They're gonna take our guns" since Bill Clinton. I purchased more AR-15s under Obama than I could under Bush. Whoever replaces the orange shit stain will be too busy unfucking EPA regs and passing infrastructure bills to go after the Second Amendment.

Concludes Margaret: 

 Love it...we need more like him.

By the way, Buck has permission to have the firearm, operable or not, in his office. In a press release touting the video, his team cited a 2015 Washington Post article noting that Buck got permission from the U.S. Capitol Police to display the oversized "paperweight" in his office.

What do you think of Buck's video? Candi CdeBaca's retweet? Post a comment or email your thoughts to editorial@westword.com.

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