Kenneth Vetter and Nissa DiPalma Busted Thanks to the Power of Facebook

Here at Schmuck of the Week HQ, we know schmuckiness when we see it, even when deciding who should receive the honor isn't easy -- and that's definitely the case with this week's tale. The most deserving person appears to be Fort Collins' Kenneth Vetter, who was busted for a parole violation under strange circumstances. But an honorable mention goes to Nissa DiPalma, a fellow FC resident whose Facebook page seems to have played an odd role in the incident -- and led to her receiving a citation, as well.

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DiPalma's Facebook page certainly sports portraits aplenty, including this one....

...and this one.... ...plus this fractured portrait.... ...and the full-size version of the flirty shot cropped above: So far, so typical. But a release from the Wyoming State Patrol suggests that the page proved key to DiPalma and Vetter learning that law enforcers know how to use Facebook, too.

At 6:38 a.m. on August 29, according to the WSP release, troopers were dispatched to mile post 232 on Interstate 25, approximately forty miles north of Casper, owing to a report of a man jumping into traffic. Upon their arrival, they found a man and a woman who said they'd run out of gas -- but when they were asked their names, they allegedly gave conflicting information. For one thing, Vetter identified himself by another name: Joe Wolfe.

The troopers apparently had less difficulty figuring out who DiPalma was -- and their conversation led to a phone call involving what's described as a "third party." After chatting with that person, the troopers wound up on Facebook -- and something they saw there prompted a call to the Larimer County jail, whose personnel provided them with a photo of Vetter. We're betting it was this one, as found on the website MugShotPlanet.com: Turns out Vetter was wanted on multiple warrants involving fraud, drugs and escape. He was promptly taken into custody. Meanwhile, DiPalma earned a citation for interference, since the troopers say she gave them false information -- presumably by not telling them Wolfe was actually Vetter.

Can you guess where the state patrol shared this story? Yep: Facebook. Social media strikes again.

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