Kenny Be's 2008 DNC Dream Days: One Year Later

Remember those five dreamy days last August when the 2008 Democratic National Convention made every Denver moment seem like magic? It's all such a daze. My, how things have changed....

2008 DNC Dream Daze:

With 15,000 members of the media in town, journalists could be seen standing every ten feet along the 16th Street Mall, recording every sight and sound for posterity and/or ridicule.

One Year Later:

Due to layoffs, buyouts and closures, nearly 26,000 journalism jobs have been lost since August of 2008. Now, journalists are more likely found standing in lines at job fairs.


2008 DNC Dream Daze: Glenn Spagnuolo invited Medea Benjamin and Cidy Sheehan to protest with Re-create '68!

One Year Later: Glenn has developed a DNC memoir, a comedy of errors that chronicles the escapades of the trio's misunderstandings, social lives and struggles to keep up with the rent while putting down "the man."


2008 DNC Dream Daze: Dozens of plastic piss-filled jugs, believed to be the projectiles that protesters would throw at police, were found in an abandoned home in Aurora.

One Year Later: All of the jugs were purchased and removed by a local energy drink manufacturer.


2008 DNC Dream Daze: The Greek temple stage design lent a classic look to Obama's Invesco Field nomination acceptance speech.

One Year Later: The set was pulled from a stadium dumpster and is now being used to decorate an exhibitionist's shower in the orgy room of a local swingers' club.


2008 DNC Dream Daze: The local art scene was overwhelmed when the Andenken Gallery filled with Hollywood celebs: Death Cab For Cutie, Shepard Fairey, Fergie, Spike Lee, Gavin Newsom, Sarah Silverman, Jennifer Lopez, Kanye West, Rosario Dawson, Jessica Alba, That '70s Show's Fez. One Year Later: Andenken Gallery shines once again with a galaxy of Denver's A-list art stars: Matt Creat, Tuyet Nguyen, Geoff Allen, Sandi Calstro, Laura Goldhamer, Shannon Bonatakis, Michael Muirheid Moore, Scot Lafavor and Katie Wells.


2008 DNC Dream Daze: Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader staged a super rally (with Sean Penn!) at the University of Denver.

One Year Later: Ralph Nader is still around, reminding everyone that Obama's Democratic politics are going nowhere.


2008 DNC Dream Daze: In an astounding display of homelandish heroism, area police departments spent $50 million on security toys ranging from HDTV flat-screen street cam monitors to matching bike uniforms and S.U.V. running boards big enough to transport ten cops.

One Year Later: Due to budget deficits, armored tanks are now parked behind police stations and only used for storage and "poker patrol."


2008 DNC Dream Daze: The 16th Street Mall got 105 new planters, all of which were bursting with gorgeous flowers, and the homeless were given tickets to the zoo. One Year Later: The Flower budget has been greatly reduced and the homeless sleep in the empty planters.


2008 DNC Dream Daze: After five days of self-aggrandizement, Democrats and Denverites were truly convinced that they had made history and that their dreams of hope will change America, forever.

One Year Later: The Teabaggers arrive to revive the national nightmare.

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