Kenny Be's Sign Language: Unfaithful Parakeet

People often turn to animals for the joys of love and nurturing. However, judging from the number of missing pet signs hung on streetlights around town, it seem that sometimes things just don't work out. Penwyn, the parakeet pictured in the poster above, has literally flown the coop and a desperate-sounding $50 "no-questions-asked" reward is being offered for her return.

Judging from the photo, Penwyn was accustomed to enjoying outdoor privileges and chose flight over fight. That she has been spotted cavorting near Sloan's Lake seems like a good sign. Perhaps it's time to hope that Penwyn has moved on and is rattling a new cage and ringing someone else's bell. Given the blanket of snow and the color of the air, the alternative is just to horrible to think about.

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