Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario: Denver lights up Good Morning America

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Good Morning America is turning the holiday spotlight on Denver! The Mile High City, along with Atlanta and Kansas City have each been chosen to decorate a window and transform the studio into a Winter Wonderland. The Denver window debuts on Friday, December 5, at 7 A.M.

Visit Denver, the new name for the old Convention & Visitors Bureau, and Condit Exhibits have teamed up to create a "stylistic interpretation of the holiday season that is inspired by the commercial art deco ski posters of the 1930s." It may seem like an odd choice of theme considering that Denver is not a ski town and the Colorado ski poster industry didn't get started until the mid-1940s, not to mention the subconscious association that holiday ski-travelers may have of the winter wonderland out at Denver International Airport. Yet it gives Denver a chance to do what we do best -- window dressing!

In grand Denver style, it is more than the arrangement of an attractive display in a store window. It is also the adroit but misleading presentation of something that is designed to create a favorable impression. Let's just hope that Diane Sawyer and Chris Cuomo don't see right through it. -- Kenny Be

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