Kenny Be's Yard Arteology: The stuff that dreams are made of

The study of neighbors through their lawn ornaments... Figure 45. Harvey Park: The Maltese Falcons hint at a gardener who may be digging with a Sam Spade.

The yard art pictured in figure 45 looks like a folksy, old-timer style of garden display, until the viewer notices the blood-red paint on the bunny's ear. The tranquility of the vine-covered weather gauges, miniature windmill, hobby-store scarecrow and symmetrically mounted watering cans is shot all to hell by the sinister looking pair of Maltese falcons, the hand-painted target and the perfectly placed spray of paintball spatters across the barred window.

The contrasts reveal a yard artist who loves to spend his summers puttering in the yard and his winters with his nose buried in (several!) hardboiled detective novels. Adding to the mystery, handwriting on the top left watering can reads, "New Car Dept.," and an unspent paintball rests on the lawn beneath the vane of the windmill. Such a display shows how the fullness of the human experience can be condensed in a simple yard art display!

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