KHOW's Dan Caplis and Craig Silverman have the Ward Churchill trial covered

Today may really be the day when former University of Colorado-Boulder prof Ward Churchill finally takes the stand in his wrongful-termination suit against the school -- if Churchill attorney David Lane finally tires of excoriating law professor Mimi Wesson, that is. And among the best ways to keep up with developments is to listen to the coverage offered up by KHOW yakkers Dan Caplis and Craig Silverman.

The twosome don't offer up strongly contrasting views on Churchill: Caplis believes he's evil incarnate, while the more moderate Silverman sees him as merely a greedy opportunist. Yet they've been airing far more of the testimony than any other traditional media outlet I've stumbled upon, and thanks to their legal training and expertise, their commentary is often insightful even when it's accompanied by vitriol directed at Adolf Eichmann's best publicist. Such analysis has produced the hosts' strongest stretch of shows in recent memory -- and, as a bonus, the focus on Churchill has temporarily forced Caplis to back-burner his snoozeworthy everything-Barack-Obama-does-is-wrong blather. Thanks, Ward.

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