Kiaya Campbell Murder: 14 Other Times Colorado Has Tried Juvie Killers as Adults

A photo of Kiaya Campbell circulated by the Thorton Police Department when she first went missing. Additional photos below.
A photo of Kiaya Campbell circulated by the Thorton Police Department when she first went missing. Additional photos below. Thornton Police Department

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click to enlarge Austin Sigg's booking photo. - FILE PHOTO
Austin Sigg's booking photo.
File photo
Austin Sigg

Year: 2012

The parallels between the Kiaya Campbell tragedy and this one are striking and disturbing. The investigation began as a missing-persons case involving a ten-year-old — in this case, Westminster's Jessica Ridgeway — before turning into a murder inquiry involving a juvenile.

Sigg was seventeen at the time of his arrest, and the information that emerged after he was charged as an adult shocked the community. Ridgeway's torso was found in a black trash bag — and Sigg was said to have had an interest in mortuary science.

He was sentenced to life in prison in November 2013.

click to enlarge The latest mug shot of Miguel Ita. - COLORADO DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS
The latest mug shot of Miguel Ita.
Colorado Department of Corrections
Miguel Ita

Year: 2013

Miguel Angel Ita was just fifteen when he was charged with a multiple stabbing in Lakewood that killed Jose Barrera-Mendoza, 22. But even though the case began in juvenile court, the Jefferson County District Attorney's Office filed for it to be moved into the adult system — and it was.

Ita was convicted in 2015 and is now nineteen and listed as an inmate at the Bent County Correctional Facility. His estimated parole eligibility date is June 16, 2034.

click to enlarge Lonnie White's current mug shot. - COLORADO DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS
Lonnie White's current mug shot.
Colorado Department of Corrections
Lonnie White

Year: 2013

White was seventeen when he was arrested with one other juvenile and an adult, Marquise Lewis, for the murder of thirteen-year-old Reysean Abram, who was shot to death while riding his bike. He was initially processed as a juvenile, but the Denver District Attorney's Office subsequently decided to charge him as an adult. The other suspect, Keon Belton, was fifteen at the time of the crime, and his case stayed in juvenile court.

Now 21, White is serving his time in the Crowley County Correctional Facility. His next parole hearing is in June 2042 — and, no, that's not a misprint.

click to enlarge Matthew Trujillo's booking photo. - COLORADO DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS
Matthew Trujillo's booking photo.
Colorado Department of Corrections
Matthew Trujillo

Year: 2014

Trujillo was seventeen when he was arrested in the fatal stabbing of eighteen-year-old Anthony Benavidez at a trailer park in Thornton, the same community where Kiaya Campbell was killed.

At first, the Thornton Police Department didn't release Trujillo's identity because of his age. But he was subsequently tried and convicted as an adult. His mandatory release date is February 2049.
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