Sean Harrington would like to ask at least one psychiatrist some very pointed questions.

KnowYourCourts busts a rogue shrink

KnowYourCourts, a website known for challenging the actions of various Colorado lawyers, judges and credentialed "experts" associated with the divorce industry in the state, continues to demonstrate that some of those experts aren't all they claim.

Sean Harrington, the pro se litigant behind the site, is best known for his crusade against now-deposed federal judge Edward Nottingham; see, for example, my blog on his muckraking efforts, "More Naughty Stories About Nottingham." But the bad behavior of federal judges is only one of Harrington's targets. His site now has this post about psychotherapist Mark H. Hoffman, who's been suspended from his practice by the Colorado State Grievance Board, apparently as a result of matters brought to the board's attention by Harrington.

Hoffman isn't licensed as a psychologist in the state, but he's been "delisted" for six months for admitted infractions, including representing himself as a forensic psychologist, providing substandard therapy, sharing confidential information and breaching professional boundaries. Read the board's order here.

Harrington has an interesting habit (not shared by nearly enough journalists) of questioning the credentials of professionals who behave oddly, and Hoffman seems to have been a good candidate, judging by these accounts posted by Harrington. Among the links are audio files of Hoffman discussing with clients his own battles with porn and sex addiction, including an admission that there was a time when he "didn't want to do anything except stay drunk, high, and in bed with somebody."

What does all this have to do with his role as a custody evaluator in family court? Like Harrington, you can be the judge. -- Alan Prendergast

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