KOSI's Steve Cassidy another victim of Entercom layoffs

Pete MacKay and Steve Millin out at the Mountain, a More Messages blog published yesterday afternoon, noted that the aforementioned pair, both longtime DJs in the Denver market, had been laid off at the Mountain, a classic-rock station owned by Entercom. Program director Dylan Sprague referred questions about this move to Amy Griesheimer, the market manager who oversees the station. She was out of town on business at the time, but she e-mailed back to "sadly confirm" the pink-slipping of MacKay and Steve Millin -- and she revealed that Steve Cassidy, who'd helmed the weekday afternoon shift for lite-rocking KOSI/101.1 FM, has also been let go. That's a lot of veteran talent to be cut loose at the same time.

In the meantime, a reader commenting on the previous blog passed along an address featuring Millin's farewell message from his "Nocturnal Transmissions" page. The tone is witty, mixed with wistfulness. Click "Continue" to see a screen capture:

The text reads:

I'm not here...

March 28th, 2009 by Steve

You can't read this.

I got the axe. This past Tuesday. I was taken to the gallows pole.

They pulled my plug.

I no longer exist.

They took away my voice -- at least over the airwaves.

That won't stop me.



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