Kyle Dyer returns to 9News following on-air dog bite: Applause, cheers

Not many morning newscast segments start with members of the broadcast crew applauding a colleague -- but that's how the 5:30 half hour of 9News' a.m. program kicked off.

That's because today marks the return of anchor Kyle Dyer nearly two months after she was bitten on the face by a rescued Argentine Mastiff in the very same studio.

The most obvious question: How does she look? Answer: fine. Clearly, the surgeons who operated on her multiple times after the accident have done an excellent job, supplemented by help from the station's makeup crew. As such, someone tuning in without knowing what took place in early February (an admittedly small number in these parts) wouldn't immediately know that she needed seventy stitches or so to knit her visage back together. Those who do may feel Dyer's slightly less expressive than before, but that likely has more to do with the combination of expectations and a slight self-consciousness on her part than anything physical or permanent.

Given that, the 5:30 a.m. portion of the show was typical morning TV, complete with typical gaffes -- namely a technical problem involving a hook-up with KOSI-FM during which radio host Murphy couldn't hear Dyer and Gary Shapiro.

Be warned, though: A number of "surprises" are in store for the 6 a.m. hour. Can't wait....

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