Kyle Horning busted for indecent exposure and burglary after walking in naked on 10-year-old

The recent encounter involving a ten-year-old girl and her seven-year-old cousin was wrong in two significant ways.

It took place in a house where Horning doesn't live. And he was naked at the time.

According to the statement of probable cause, on view in its entirety below, the girl and her cousin were sitting in their house on North Perry Street when a man later ID'd as Horning, age 26, walked in uninvited and unclothed. He then approached the girl and attempted to grab her.

At that point, the girl did the obvious: She screamed. And fortunately, her grandfather was nearby. He raced into the room and chased Horning out of the house, where he climbed into his Nissan extended-cab pickup and drove away.

Wonder where he kept his keys.

Horning was gone by the time the cops arrived, but he lived so nearby -- his place is next door and to the south of the one he'd entered -- that the grandfather was able to point out the residence. He didn't return while police were on the scene, but when he came back home, the cops were called again. This time, they nabbed him as he fled into his own backyard.

The probable-cause statement suggested charges of attempted sexual assault on a child as well as burglary. But the Denver District Attorney's Office took a different tack, accusing him of burglary and indecent exposure instead.

For that, he should probably thank the timing of the girl's scream. Look below to see a larger version of Horning's mug shot, as well as the aforementioned probable cause statement.

Kyle Horning Probable Cause Statement

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.